You can launch your website – and it can be ready this weekend!

The Weekend Website Challenge is built to guide you through the steps that most people mess up when building websites – avoid the pitfalls and headaches to enjoy a simple, successful launch.

Why trust Keegan as your website master?

You need someone you can trust – someone who can help you overcome hurdles.

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Is the challenge

For You?


If you want to be found, you need to build you hub – that’s your website.

You don't have a big budget to pay someone to build your new website

You can launch your website – this weekend – for less than $150

You want to run a web design business

The tech stack I help you setup is the foundation of my own digital agency.


Course Lessons


Lesson 1: Meet Your Coach

What Is WordPress

Lesson 1: What Is WordPress?
Lesson 2: Why Choose WordPress?

Website Foundation

Lesson 1: Buying A Domain
Lesson 2: Managed vs Shared Hosting
Lesson 3: Flywheel Hosting

Learn WordPress

Lesson 1: WordPress Basics

Divi Framework

Lesson 1:What is Divi?
Lesson 2: Starting Your First Site
Lesson 3: How Divi Works

Learn About WordPress

Lesson 1: What Is WordPress?
Lesson 2: Why Choose WordPress?


Lesson 1: Standard Plugins
Lesson 2: Finding Safe Plugins


Lesson 1: Connect Domain to Web Hosting
Lesson 2:  Setup SSL for Security
Lesson 3: Connecting everything to Google

Should you join

The Challenge?

You're hungry to learn WordPress

You're focused on quality websites

You're bootstrapping your business

You want to start a side hustle

You aren't interested in web design

You'd rather pay someone to build your site

You have a web designer already

You already have web design figured out

You’ve got questions…

Course Answers

I don't have much time. Can this really be done in one weekend?

If you commit the time, you can complete this and build your website in a single weekend. For most this is achievable, but it will require focus.

I'm not much of a techie - will this be too much for me?

This course will take you through all of the foundational parts of building a website – from purchasing a domain all the way to launching your site, I got you covered. If you are resourceful and can follow directions, you should be just fine!

Can I really build a complete website in one weekend?

100% I use Divi to build client website. It comes with hundreds of professionally designed layouts you’ll be able to customize and make your own. It really is easy!

Will you show me the right products to make sure my site is fast?

Yes! Many DIYers go with what they know (it’s usually Godaddy) and wonder why their website sucks. I’ll guide you to great products that will help you build an epic website.

I only suggest companies I actually use:

Reviews from my


“Keegan went above and beyond to design the ultimate website for me. He is incredibly easy to work with and creative with new ideas”

Corky G.

Keegan has great ideas, is easy to work with and provided high-quality work. He’s a nice guy to boot!

Sky C.

” Keegan has an incredible eye for functional and user friendly design. His designs are visually stunning”

Paul T.